Friday, September 7, 2018

Daffodil Day

Time for a nap

Haiku Poem
That sleepy dog
What a nice old man
Wondering around


How did reg now the dog was well looked after:
Reg new that the dog was well looked after because he was a healthy dog meaning.
That he was in a good condition it was well fed and it stomach was a reasonable size. It wasn’t thirsty.
Or acting assgresivley over food and wealth. But he new it had been wondering for quite some time.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Friday, May 18, 2018


Multiverse is a Mathletics game and help you with your timetables. I think you would certainly like it because it is fun. There are levels to multiverse and you can collect Resources.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Big Freeze

Our pool is cold and fresh to say the least. When you hop in the poo.l  You put your tiny finger nail in the clear water. You will feel a chill vibrating up your veins and climbing through your neck.  It hits your brain and everything freezes!!!. Now my finger is wet. No matter what I do, everyone splashes me. I go an dive it’s cold. Mr Kruger tells us to line up on the side of the pool, I can not risk the move, but I might need to get out if I don’t I will freeze but I refuse and rush to the side my breathe escaping from mouth. My heart beating as fast as I run.  As you do more it cool’s down and it doesn't feel so cold. I recommend to wear a rash top. If you’re brave and not scared and don’t believe me you’ll dive without a fright because it can never be cold. Our pool is slippery on the bottom. When you hop out you notice that you have paint chipped all over you so the paint must chipped around the pool. The water swooshes in your face when you swim because of the crowd.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Tom Rivers Night Zoo

Tom Rivers
Tom Rivers has brown, floppy, fuzzy hair.   His long, dark, blue coat with shiny gold elephants on his sleeves is something he wear on adventures. Tom Rivers wears faded, red hitops
Also a yellow and red striped tie.

Tom Rivers paint animals on concrete walls and they come to life. He hate vegetable soup and Spiders that paralyzed People. Tom Rivers’ freckles go all smudgey when bullies are near him. When Tom Rivers was six his Grandma told him about the Night Zoo and now he his twelve and he’s the Night Zookeeper. Tom decided that Sam the Giraffe could be his Spy. There’s magical animals in the Night Zoo aren’t in cages there beyond the Jungle.

Next time I’d like to put more adjectives in my writing.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Why we should look after the enviroment

I believe, that you should look after earth.  It will be a rubbish dump. Some people don’t think about what is going to happen in the future. People ignore the problem.

For this reason, the AIR will POLLUTE and we have to wear masks.   Because plants bring carbon dioxide and bring out oxygen. Humans breathe oxygen but if smog takes over the sky we won’t live. Then people will die in sadness folks but we can STOP! It. Don’t burn rubbish in mother nature burn it in a fire or recycle it.

It is certain, I heard a story about Renwick Primary School. They had a disgusting creek it had tires, bad invertebrates most of all it was messy. They cleaned it by they got the community, council, and local farmers.

I am sure that, you love swimming in fresh water. Water is one of our essential tools for humans so look after it some places on earth are already like that.

Surely, animals are beautiful they breathe oxygen like humans.
Some have nest so look after trees

In conclusion
Folks we should look after our environment. Our life could be danger> Would you like it like that?