Friday, August 11, 2017


In the weekend I went farming with my dad and two brothers. It was in Hari Hari because nobody can look after us.

First, Dad, Reid and me went to get the the Belarus tractor it was very old  and had 3 of them. Rhys went to get the motorbike and hooked up the calf trailer.

Next, Dad, Reid and me started driving across the  river with the tractor Rhys was behind us. We tried to find a shallow place for the motorbike. The tractor can handle a deepish spot but not too deep.

Then, we got the balayage and started feeding out the balayage  and we spotted a calf and the cow with the after birth. I got real excited I got to hold the calf and called Coca and it had black socks.
Lastly, Dad and Rhys started driving back. Then we milked the cows that already had calfs.

My favourite part was hanging out with my dad and two annoying brothers nobody else could look after us.

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  1. Very good writing and structure of your story Zana. It was your Dad looking after you!! Moo Moo


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