Friday, September 8, 2017

Visit to Duck Creek

Invertebrates Adventure

On Thursday last week the Kea class went to Duck Creek to catch invertebrates and test the water quality,temperature.

Lauren and Michelle talked us through what we were doing at Duck Creek.  Lauren Showed the Kea Class where Duck Creek comes from it comes from a Tarn near Lake Kaniere.

The Kea class were divided into groups and started to walk to the creek. We had to get through a fence. When we got there my group got a net and two ice cream containers with a chart with bugs on it, stream data collection sheet also a couple of magnifying glass.

The groups started to walk across the creek, my gumboots had water in them when I crossed the creek. Then we got our kick net so we put it in the water the way the creek flows so the bugs get sucked into the kick net also you kick rocks into it because some bugs live under rocks.

First, my group found heaps of Dobsonflies. Dominic got the first two goes with the kick net.  Our parent was Marian also there was Katrina Jane, and Miss Hinchliff.

Next, my favorite part was that we got to match the bugs with bugs on the invertebrates identify sheet. Doc gave us I got to look through the magnifying glass to see them bigger.

That what happened at Duck Creek. The Kea Class altogether found lots and heaps of bugs. I thought it was cool. I felt happy.

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