Friday, November 24, 2017

Tom Rivers Night Zoo

Tom Rivers
Tom Rivers has brown, floppy, fuzzy hair.   His long, dark, blue coat with shiny gold elephants on his sleeves is something he wear on adventures. Tom Rivers wears faded, red hitops
Also a yellow and red striped tie.

Tom Rivers paint animals on concrete walls and they come to life. He hate vegetable soup and Spiders that paralyzed People. Tom Rivers’ freckles go all smudgey when bullies are near him. When Tom Rivers was six his Grandma told him about the Night Zoo and now he his twelve and he’s the Night Zookeeper. Tom decided that Sam the Giraffe could be his Spy. There’s magical animals in the Night Zoo aren’t in cages there beyond the Jungle.

Next time I’d like to put more adjectives in my writing.

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