Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Big Freeze

Our pool is cold and fresh to say the least. When you hop in the poo.l  You put your tiny finger nail in the clear water. You will feel a chill vibrating up your veins and climbing through your neck.  It hits your brain and everything freezes!!!. Now my finger is wet. No matter what I do, everyone splashes me. I go an dive it’s cold. Mr Kruger tells us to line up on the side of the pool, I can not risk the move, but I might need to get out if I don’t I will freeze but I refuse and rush to the side my breathe escaping from mouth. My heart beating as fast as I run.  As you do more it cool’s down and it doesn't feel so cold. I recommend to wear a rash top. If you’re brave and not scared and don’t believe me you’ll dive without a fright because it can never be cold. Our pool is slippery on the bottom. When you hop out you notice that you have paint chipped all over you so the paint must chipped around the pool. The water swooshes in your face when you swim because of the crowd.

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