Friday, January 11, 2019

Letter from the Tundra

Dear Mum and Dad,

Here at Tundra It's really cold but I heard that the temperate is rising. There really nothing to do apart from play board games, drawing, reading and did I tell you that I'm writing a diary about this trip but don't for get I'm taking pictures with my Polaroid camera. Guess what were not aloud to go outside because they said "You could get hypothermia" but I still sneak a few picture of the outside sometimes.

I'm so glad that you packed all these warm cloths. I depend on my sleeping bag and my teddy to keep me comfortable and accompanied. There noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo trees or plants in this hole massive area, I'm so used to being outside all the time. I love and can't wait to be hom to tell you all about my trip.

From Zana

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  1. Hi Zana!

    That's really cool that you have decided to send you letter to your Mum and Dad, I am sure they would be really chuffed to know that you picked them for this activity - Have you shown them?

    Wow, that sounds like a crazy trip! It is sad that it was too cold to go outside ...Did you see any wildlife out the windows?

    It is very cool that you decided to keep a diary and photos of your trip - sometimes there is things on a trip that you think you will never forget but it happens so it is great to log what has happened!

    It is such a strange experience to be somewhere with no trees or plants - Have you ever been somewhere like that in real life?

    Yikes! It sounds really cold at the tundra - I don't know if I could survive that kidn of cold... You are right it is great you took lots of layers and a sleeping bag!
    Do you like the cold weather? (I am a summertime girl myself!)

    Great letter Zana, was really entertaining to read! Keep up the awesome work :)
    Ellee :)


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